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Choose Your Bahamas Destination

WestJet Flights Bahamas
WestJet Airlines operates year round direct / non stop flights from Toronto Pearson to Nassau's Lynden Pindling International Airport. The Airline also offers seasonal flights direct / non stop from Calgagy.

Nassau is by far the most popular as well as the most commercialized destination of all the Bahama Islands. However, there are literally hundreds of islands and cays that make up the Bahamas.

If you would like to experience a more relaxed and less crowded tropical atmosphere you can fly Westjet direct to Nassau and then take a commuter flight or a charter of ferry boat to many of the Outer Islands or a seculed cay.

We have provided links to more than a dozen of the largest islands and cays of the Bahamas - along with links to hotels, resorts, transporation options, as well as activities such as golf, sailing, snorkeling and deep sea fishing.

Link to destinations - watch videos and book your next Bahamas Vacation

Sandals Royal Bahamian
Sandals Royal Bahamian
With more than two dozen international and regional airlines serving the Lynden Pindling International Airport, plus dozens of cruise ships bringing in thousands of tourists each week - the island of New Providence is by far the most popular destination of all the Bahamas Islands. Although the capital city is Nassau, most visitors just refer to the entire island as Nassau. Follow the above link for all the travel and vacation information you will need including hotels, resorts, airlines, beaches, ground transportation, plus unlimited activities such as golf, swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, sailing, deep sea fishing, restaurants and more.
Atlantis Resort Paradise Island
Paradise Island is just a short drive over the bridge from Nassau. Paradise Island is home to the famous Atlantis Resort complex which is made up of several resorts offering a full range of accommodations and services from high end luxury to more moderately priced family style resorts. The resort has a full range of activities and entertainment to suit the entire family and is best known for its famous water slide and water park and dolphins. If you would like to include a round or two of golf into your vacation plans, the spectacular greens of the Ocean Club Golf Course is just a short distance away.
Abacos Islands
The Abacos Islands Bahamas

The Abacos is a spectacular 120 mile long chain of picturesque islands located north of Nassau and just east of Grand Bahama Island. Marsh Harbour International Airport is the main airport for passengers flying from Nassau or Miami. There are no flights from Canada. There are 3 flights daily between Nassau and Marsh Harbour operated by SkyBahamas. If you are flying WestJet flight from Toronto - your flight arrives in Nassau just before 1 p.m. There is a SkyBahamas flight to Marsh Harbour departing at 4 p.m. giving you plenty of time to make same day connections. Click the above link for complete travel information, hotels, resorts, activities - plus details on how 2nd passenger can Fly Free to Marsh Harbour when you book with parricipating hotels / resorts.

Chester's Bonefish Inn
Chester's Bonefish Inn - Acklins
Acklins and Crooked Island are the perfect destination if you are looking for some of the Islands best bonefishing, snorkeling and diving - combined with a remote, unspoiled tropical atmosphere. Here you will enjoy miles of undisturbed sandy beaches, coral gardens, magnificent cliffs along with chic villas, 4 star boutique hotels and quaint Bahamian vacation rentals. Acklins Island is one of the least known amongst the Bahamas and even the largest hotels have fewer than 200 rooms and many offer accommodations for less than 80 guests. Click the above link for flight and travel information, hotels, resorts, along with details on how to book fishing, snorkeling and diving expeditions.
Great Harbour Cay
Great Harbour Cay Berry Islands
Located north of Nassau and just south of Grand Bahama Island, The Berry Islands offer a unique variety of vacation activities including championship sport fishing, challenging golf, amazing beaches along with first class accommodations. With a land mass of just twelve square miles, the Berry Islands is actually a cluster of 30 cays - the majority of which are uninhabited. Visitors can spend an entire day exploring beaches, caverns and old ship wrecks - without seeing another person. If you are a fisherman, you will want to visit Chub Cay which is known as the Billfish Capital of the Bahamas. Follow the above link for information on flights, charter boats, hotels, resorts along with how to book fishing and diving excursions.
Resorts World bimin
Resorts World Bimini
Bimini Island which was once home to Ernest Hemingway, is the most westerly of the Bahamas Islands and the closest to the USA. When you think of a Bahamas Vacation, you immediately think of miles of sandy beaches, palm trees and warm Caribbean Ocean waters. Well, you can find all that on Bimini - but that's not what the majority of visitors to the island come here for. On Bimini visitors will find more fishing, diving and sailing per square mile, than anywhere in the Bahamas Out Islands. It's only natural therefore that you will find plenty of fresh seafood including cracked conch on the menu at most of the local restaurants. Bimini is actually made up of two small islands - North Bimini and South Bimin (where you will find the local airport). Follow the above link to find all your flight and travel options, hotels, resorts along with details on fishing, diving and sailing excursions.
Fernandez Bay Village
Fernandez Bay Village - Cat Island
Vacationers looking for a laid back, under commercialized get-away in an unspoiled tropical atmosphere - need look no further than Cat Island Bahamas. This fishhook shaped island is under 50 miles long with the widest region at just 4 miles and is located 130 miles southeast of Nassau. Here guests can relax in remote and rustic village atmosphere, unwind under thatched roof tiki bars and sleep just steps from the ocean in quaint cottages. Divers can spend days exploring the hundreds of coral reefs, blue holes, caves and shipwrecks. For those for even greater spirit for adventure, you can experience shark dives and swim amongst the dolphins and stingrays. Experienced guides are available to ensure beginner divers enjoy a safe and memorable undewater experience.
Valentines Resort & Marina
Valentines Resort & Marina
The Outer Islands of the Bahamas are ideal for visitors who want to experience the true beauty of the Bahamas in an unspoiled, uncrowded atmosphere - and Eleuthera Island offers everything you would expect. The island is over 100 miles long, but only 2 miles wide but offers a spectacular blend of pink and white sandy beaches, turquoise crystal clear Caribbean water on the west and high rugged cliffs on the eastern shores. You won't find any cruise ship ports, casinos nor major chain hotels and resorts. Instead you will find a slower paced life style - perfect for couples looking for a romantic get away or anyone who just needs to unwind. For those looking for a unique diving experience - the northern edge of the Island is home to a shallow and jagged reef known as the Devil's Backbone and is where you can explore more underwater shipwrecks than any other island in the Bahamas. Follow the above link for travel, hotel, resort, fishing and diving information.
Turquoise Cay
Turquoise Cay Exumas
The Exumas offer the best of both worlds when it comes to a Bahamas Vacation. Vacationers can experience the spectacular and unspoiled beauty of the Out Islands - while still enjoying all the amenities of luxury hotels and villas. The Cays are by far the most exotic of the Out Islands which extend 120 miles north towards Nassau. While visitors can spend days exploring the hundreds of inlets and Cays - many of the Exuma Cays are private and are private island homes to movie stars and the rich and famous. Staniel Cay is home to the Staniel Cay Yacht Club where you can find million dollar yachts as well as more modest sailing vessels. The adjacent airport is the gateway for private pilots, corporate jets as well as commuter flights connecting vacationers with Nassau and Florida. The Exumas offer the most luxurious and stunningly beautiful vacations destinations throughout the Bahamas, making it an popular destination for couples looking for the perfect island wedding or henymoon.
Memories Freeport Bahamas
Memories Grand Bahama Beach Resort
Although WestJet Airlines does not serve Freeport and Grand Bahama Island, Canadian Vacationers still have flight choices which include Delta Airlines with connections out of Atlanta as well as Sunwing Airlines with non stop flights from Toronto year round as well as seasonal service direct from Calgary, Edmonton, Halifax, Montreal, Ottawa, Winnipeg and Vancouver. Located just 55 miles east of Florida, vacationers can also take a cruise ship from West Palm Beach or a Fast Ferry direct from Fort Lauderdale. Grand Bahama is the most northerly of the Island chain and offers a huge variety of accommodations and island experiences and activities. Follow the above link for complete details on flights, ferries, cruise ships, hotels, resorts and activities.
Inagua Bahamas
Inagua is the most southerly of the Bahama Islands and is the perfect destination for anyone looking to experience a unique ecotourism experience. Inagua is perhaps best known as the Birdwatching Capital of the Bahamas and is a haven for naturalists and bird watchers. In addition to more than 80,000 flamingos, the island is home to over 140 species of native and migratory birds. Inagua is made up of two separate islands - Great Inagua Island and Little Inagua. Naturalists will find three national parsk and preserves - Union Creek Reserve encomapsses almost 5000 acres of an enclosed tidal creek on the northwest shores of Great Inagua designed to protect the Green Turtle and the habitat where they lay their eggs.
Stella Maris Resort Club
Stella Maris Resort Club
Do you like exploring underwater? Consider spending a few days or a few weeks vacationing on Long Island Bahamas - home to the deepest recorded blue hole in the Bahamas - Dean's Blue Hole which is more than 600 feet deep. The Island is 80 miles in length and is well known for its soft sandy beaches and acres of rich green mangroves, but is best known for its endless scuba diving opportunities allowing divers and snorkelers to explore underwater gardens, caves and old plantation ruins not to mention encounters with all aspects of sea life. If fishing is your forte you can hook up with one of the many professional charter boats and experience world renowned bonefish fishing. Follow the above link for flight and ferry boat transportation details, accommodations, and links to all actvities including fishing and diving.
Baycaner Beach Resort
Mayaguana is located in the far south eastern region of the Bahamas and just north of Inagua. Because of its mor isolated location, it is less developed and less traveled than the more popular islands to the north. This makes it an ideal destination for anyone looking for a remote tropical experience - where you can spend days walking the beaches and never see another person. The island has a population of around 300 inhabitants. The Baycaner Beach Resort located near Pirate's Well offers visitors great accommodations and meals and promotes a reasonably priced all inclusive one week package that is popular amongst visitors to the island. Follow the above link for full details, flight and ferry transportation and activities links.
San Salvador
San Salvador
Located about 200 miles southeast of Nassau and a 1 hour commuter flight from Florida, San Salvador is best known as the possible first landing of Chistopher Columbus - making it the origins of the Bahamas. The tiny island is 12 miles long and about 5 miles wide in places and has a population of about 1200 and is well known for its miles of pristine and secluded beaches and emerald blue waters. Located 20 miles southwest of San Salvador is Rum Cay - considered as a sister island and is much smaller. Ferry boat service is available for visitors who wish to explore this island. San Salvador is rich in history and there is plenty of opportunities to explore and discover the rich history of the Bahamas. The capital city is Cockburn Town and is located on the island's west coast.